Friday, October 04, 2013

Wind Waker Master Sword & Shield Wall Decoration

Difficulty: Easy         ★★☆☆☆

Hanging Instructions

Materials you will need:

  • A finished Shield 
  • A finished Master Sword/ Sheath
  • Fishing Line
  • A Thick Needle
  • Scissors
  • Glue (Optional)

First, we need to attach the sword to the shield. If you want you can just glue the sword to the back of the shield, but if you want to still keep them as two separate pieces like me, than keep reading. 
Cut a piece of fishing line and thread your needle. You don't want to tie a not at the end of the string.

First, line up the sword down the middle of the back of the shield. Then, taking your needle and fishing line, poke the needle through the bottom on the side and through to the back of the shield. Then go around the sword and stick the needle through the back of the shield and through to the side. Then remove the needle and tie the two ends of the string together around the point of the sword. Tie them tight enough so the main width of the blade can't fit through.

Now we're going to do the same idea with the top. Cut some more fishing line and thread your needle again. Then stick the needle through the top of the shield and through the back. Then around the sword and through the back and top of the shield . Tie the two strings together so that the string is tight around   where the sword gets thinner.

Now it's ready to hang on your wall!


  1. its much hard for me, but i gona tri it

  2. Cool! Is it possible for a life size?

  3. lolollololoolololol it is sooo COOL!

  4. I cut the blade uneven and now have a swirled sword..

  5. size would be amazing though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. My little one, send you a big, big really big kiss, i make this, it´s more easy whit you video tutorial, thank´s

  7. Can you make a video on how to make the sheath?

  8. Hello ! I'm currently organized a "Zelda escape game" for my friend's birthday. I want to offer him a badminton raquet and wish to hide it in the master sword :). Can you please tell me what is the diameter of the handle ? By this way I can adapte the size of my printing.
    Thanks !!