Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Make Your Own Wind Baton

Difficulty: Medium      ★★★☆☆


  1. Thanks so much for this. This is genius! The only problem is, sometimes (for example, the instructions regarding B7 and B8) you don't physically show us how the pieces are supposed to be glued together, and when you speed up the video I can't tell how you're doing it, and I'm left to guess. Had to start over a few times because I got it wrong. I would just say that, unless there's a time limit for how long a video you can post, don't speed up any part of it. But seriously, what a very cool thing you've done.

  2. When I downloaded the template I looked at it and it just showed 3 blank pieces of paper what should I do?

  3. Why can't I download it?