Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Make Your Own Zelda Fairy In A Bottle

Difficulty: Medium                ★★★☆☆

You will need:
  • a small bottle
  • air dry sculpting medium of your choice (model magic, air dry Fimo, etc.)
  • paint of your colour choice (pink, blue if you want to make a Navi, etc.)
  • super/crazy glue
  • white cardstock paper or clear vellum (like an overhead projector sheet)
  • scissors and/or a craft knife (with cutting mat)
  • a paint brush
  • a pencil
  • some thin wire or a jewelry head pin
  • ribbon and/or chain
  • a screw in eye hook (only if your bottle doesn't already have on attached)
  • clear glue (optional)
  • glitter (optional)

Choose a small bottle that you want to make your fairy in.

Take a small amount of your sculpting medium and roll it into a ball. Keep the size of your bottle in mind when you're creating the ball, you want it to be a good fit.

Let the ball harden/dry completely before moving on.

Paint your fairy ball in your chosen colour. You can stick it onto a safety pin to help hold the ball while you paint it. 

Let the paint dry before moving on.

Stick a thin piece of wire or a jewelry head pin through your ball.

Now its time to make the wings. Trace your fairy ball onto some white cardstock paper or some clear vellum. Next roughy mark the width/height of your bottle with your traced ball in the center.

Draw a butterfly like shape using your traced bottle/ball as guidelines to make sure the wings will fit into the bottle later. Cut out your drawn wings.

You might want to trace another set of wings using your already cut wings as a template if you have lots of pencil marks on your original wings.

Stick the other end of your wire/head pin that's attached to your fairy ball into the bottom of the cork stopper from your bottle (the cork end that will be inside the bottle).

Bend your wings down the middle to give them some shape, then glue them to your fairy ball.

If you want, you can fill up your bottle with some clear glue and add some glitter to it. Mix the glitter into the glue with the end of a paintbrush or a wooden skewer.

Run some super glue along the bottom the cork top, then carefully maneuver your fairy into the bottle and seal the bottle with the gluey cork.

Screw in an eye hook into the middle of the cork top if your bottle doesn't already have one, then add some ribbon or a chain if you want to turn it into a necklace.

Now you have your finished fairy in a bottle!

You can also easily create Zelda potion bottles by adding some food colouring to clear glue and putting it in a small bottle.


  1. Aw wow! This is really cute, I love it!

  2. This is so cute! Can i ask where you got the little bottles at? My michaels doesn't carry them :(

    1. I found the tallest bottles (like the one the pin fairy is made in) in a dollar store. The other ones i actually did find at my Michales. They were in the jewelry section with the Found Objects line.

  3. Its cute! I used fiber optic string , ta give it that clear look! :D