Sunday, December 14, 2014

H.G. Wells' Grappling Hook Ornament (Warehouse 13)

Difficulty: Medium               ★★★☆☆

You will need:
  • the template (we recommend you print it on thick card stock paper)
  • thin gold wire
  • thick black wire
  • a brown craft foam sheet
  • a small screw-in eye hook
  • a thin chain and/or jump rings
  • metallic gunmetal acrylic paint
  • a self laminating sheet/ mac tac
  • ribbon
  • white craft glue
  • a hot glue gun/hot glue sticks
  • pliers
  • wire cutters
  • scissors and/or a craft knife
  • a hole puncher

Download Template 

Start off by printing out your template. We reccomend you use thick paper. Once you have it printed, cut out the pieces that will become the cylinders (the 3 tabbed strips and 5 circles).

Fold the tabs downward on all of the pieces.

Glue the tab at the end of one of the strips to its opposite end to create a tube. Glue 1 of the circle pieces for the corresponding tube to the end tabs. Only glue on 1 of the ends for the medium and large sized cylinders (the ones that have 2 corresponding circle end pieces) for now. Repeat so that you have all 3 cylinders made.

Paint your paper cylinders with metallic gunmetal acrylic paint. Make sure to paint the inside of the smallest cylinder as well as the unattached circle pieces. You might need to do multiple coats of paint.
Let the paint completely dry before moving on.

Fill the medium sized cylinder with hot glue. Finish the cylinder off by glueing the cooresponding circle end piece to the tabs at the open end. Do the same for the large cylinder.

Using your gold wire, bend the end at a right angle (90 degrees). You want the small bent end to be the length of about half of the end of the medium cylinder.

Curve your wire into a small dome shape inline with the bent end.

Bend the long end of the wire to a right angle (either way). Make sure to align with the bent end.

Bend the long end of the wire in a circular fashion stopping 3/4 of the way around. Make sure that your curve is roughly the same size as the end of the medium cylinder. Bend your wire to a right angle (90 degrees) at the 3/4 mark.

Create another dome shape going over your first, criss-crossing at 90 degrees.

Bend the wire to a right angle inline with the bottom of the domes. Make sure to bend toward the open portion of the bottom circle. Curve wire to complete the circle. Clip excess wire.

Glue your wire dome to the end of the medium cylinder. 

Use the flat grappler template to help you measure and cut the straight pieces of gold wire for the side details. You will need to cut 3 pieces (1 for the top and 1 for each side).

Glue the small straight pieces of wire to the sides of the largest cylinder. Glue 1 piece to the top, opposite the join on the side of the cylinder, and 1 piece on either side.

Use the largest cylinder to bend your gold wire into a circle. Clip the excess wire and do the same thing so you have a wire ring for each end of the cylinder (2 rings total).

Glue the gold rings around the ends of the large cylinder.

Glue the medium cylinder to one of the ends of the large cylinder.

Use the grappling hook template as reference to bend your thick black wire into the shape of the handle. Clip off excess wire.

Cut the grip template piece out.

Trace the grip template onto brown craft foam. You will need to trace 2 grips (1 for each side of the handle). Cut out the 2 foam grip pieces.

Glue 1 foam grip piece to each side of the handle to hide the end of the wire.

Glue the wire handle to the bottom of the medium and large cylinders. Then glue the small cylinder to the center of the other end of the large cylinder.

Use the grappler template as reference to make 3 hooks out of your black wire.

Glue the 3 hooks together.

Fill the small cylinder up with glue and place the hooks into the glue before it dries.

Cut out the mini post it notes and glue them together (back to back). Make sure the text is facing the same way on both sides.

Cut 2 pieces of mac tac or self laminating paper (1 for each side) slightly larger than the double sided post it note. Peel off the backing and place 1 piece on each side to laminate the square. Trim excess laminating material.

Punch or cut a small hole into the center top of the post it note.

Create a small chain with jump rings (or use a thin chain). Open a link at the end of the chain and attach through the hole in the post it note. Attach the opposite end to the grappling hook handle the same way.

Screw a small eye hook into the center top of the large cylinder.

Cut a length of ribbon. Thread the ribbon through the eye hook and tie the ends with an overhand knot.

Now you have your finished grappling hook ornament!

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