Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Zelda Heart Container and Heart Piece Paper Quilling Tutorial

Difficulty: Easy          ★★☆☆☆

You will need:
  • the template
  • red and light blue/ cool grey cardstock paper
  • white craft glue
  • scissors and/or craft knife
  • a thin wooden dowel or skewer 
  • a ruler or a paper cutter
  • an overhead projector sheet/clear vellum sheet (optional)
  • fishing line/ ribbon (optional)

Start by printing off the heart template. The template can be found here.

If you want to make one exactly like ours, take a clear sheet of vellum (like an overhead projector sheet), line it up and tape it to the template page. This means you'll be making the heart with a clear back. If you plan on gluing your finished heart to a card or want it to have a white back, just use the template page.

Cut your different coloured cardstock into thin strips. Having a paper cutter will make this process easier but you can just use a ruler to measure and mark the strips to cut. We cut our strips to be half an inch thick by the 11" length of the full sheet of paper (each strip is 0.5"x 11").

Now it's time to start quilling the paper. We're going to start off with the outside part of the heart container/ heart piece. Take one of your light blue/grey strips and roll one of the ends around a thin wooden skewer/dowel. If you want to create a spiral shape, keep rolling the entire strip around the dowel. If you want to create an S shape, roll one end of the paper for a little more than half of the length of the strip, remove the dowel, then start to roll the other end of the strip the opposite way. 

Once you have a quilled piece of paper, place some white glue along the paper edges on one side and place onto your sheet using the template lines for placement guidance. 

Continue to make varying paper quilled shapes to create the boarder of the heart. You can also cut the strips of paper to create smaller/larger shapes. Do your best to stay within the lines of the template.

Quill about half of the heart boarder before moving on.

Now start to work on the inside/red part of the heart.

Keep on quilling until you have the entire heart template filled with your quilled cardstock strips.

Once you've let the glue completely dry, cut the excess paper from around the quilled heart.

Now you have your finished paper quilled heart container or heart piece! You can glue it to the front of a card or just add some ribbon/string to be able to hang it up; perfect for your Hylian Valentine!


  1. Beautiful Work! Mine came out cool too! Thank you for the tutorial! :)

  2. Beautiful Work! Mine came out cool too! Thank you for the tutorial! :)