Friday, December 18, 2015

Make Your Own Felt Calcifer Ornament

Difficulty: Easy (hand sewing skills required)          ★★☆☆☆

You will need:
  • the template
  • felt (gold, orange, brown, white)
  • embroidery floss (orange, brown)
  • polyester stuffing
  • ribbon or string
  • sewing needle
  • pins
  • a black permanent marker
  • scissors
  • a pen/chalk
  • hot glue sticks and a hot glue gun 

First you will need to print out the template which can be found here.

Cut out all of the template pieces. (the top piece is for placement reference)

Trace the log piece onto your brown felt. Flip the template piece and trace again to create a front and back log piece. Cut out both pieces.

Trace the larger flame piece onto orange felt. Flip the template and trace again to create a front and back. Also trace the mouth piece. Cut out all 3 pieces.

Trace the smaller flame piece onto gold felt and cut out.

Trace 2 eye pieces onto white felt and cut out.

Hot glue the gold flame piece onto one of the larger orange flame pieces. Use the finished Calcifer from the template for placement assistance.

Glue the eye and mouth pieces in place.

Match up the front and back orange flame pieces right sides out and pin in place.

Cut a length of your orange embroidery floss and separate to use 3 strands. Thread sewing needle. Start at one of the lower bottom corners securing your thread and begin to work around the flame using a blanket stitch. Stop and secure thread at opposite bottom corner leaving the bottom of the flame open.

Stuff your flame to desired firmness.

Sandwich a small section of the lower flame pieces between the 2 log sections and pin in place.

Cut a length of brown embroidery floss, separate 3 strands and thread your sewing needle. 
Starting at one end of the log, secure your thread to the upper corner of the longer side that has the flame pieces attached. Blanket stitch until you get to the flame then take small stitches through all sections of felt (log and flame pieces). Continue to blanket stitch once you pass the flame until you reach the lower edge of the long side of the log, opposite to where you started. This leaves the end of the log open for stuffing. Leave excess thread and needle attached to close opening once stuffed.

Push stuffing into the end of the log using a pen/ thin tool until desired firmness is reached.

Sew end of log closed using blanket stitch. Secure thread and cut off excess.

Cut a length of ribbon and overhand knot ends together to create a loop.

Sew or glue ribbon onto the back of the flame for hanging.

Using a black permanent marker, draw on pupils and wood grain using the template for reference.

Now you have your finished Calcifer ornament!

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  1. Would you mind if I enlarged the pattern to make a big one to cuddle? I wanted to get your permission first!
    P.S. sorry for bothering you about this but do you have the life sized Link paper craft files still? I can't find them anywhere because all the downloads are dead!